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Freedom to Do What You Want

Grave Marker of Soldier with American Flag in a National Cemeter

Freedom is a Gift

Memorial Day May 26th, 2014  

This day we remember and honor those who proudly wore the uniform and gave their lives to protect and serve our country.  Thank you Men and Women in the United States Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy, past and present, for your dedication and continued sacrifices; you are not forgotten.  As we honor those before us this weekend, also take time to self-reflect… what ways are you exercising the freedom so many have sacrificed their lives for?

How many of you have ever started off a sentence with “Someday I’ll …”? Are you or do you know anyone who’s currently working their lives away in a career they’re unhappy with simply because of money? We all have the ability to pursue our own passions and interests, but yet we’re stuck in a rut dreaming about the day they no longer have to work again.

When you are starting out in your 20s, it is natural to think about all that you will have and do once you start making money, and making more money. That gives money way too much power over your life. It’s not about how much you make, but the life that you make with the money you have.”  Suze Orman

Why should we dA hero is bornelay what we enjoy to accumulate enough money to do what we really what now?  With financial creativity and new mind set regarding retirement you can find and fund the life you really want now.  Life’s too short to wait until you’re 65 to do what you really want to do.  Life planning is one of the key components behind the driving force of St. Croix Advisors and we couldn’t be more proud whe n a client accomplishes their goals.  Numbers matter yes, but your happiness matters more- and to be honest, makes us happy too.  We listen to your goals, dreams, and passions and take them seriously.  We do not put them in the bucket list/ someday pile, but rather let’s take steps for action now pile!  We hold you accountable to what you’ve said is important, create a plan, and calculate every step in-between to get you there.

So Happy Memorial Day to all of you and yours and Thank You to the Men and Women in the U.S. Armed Forces because we are Free to Do What We Want!!

100 Years of Celebrating Mom!

Financial Considerations for Her

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is an American holiday that seems to be embedded in our culture. While many call it a “Hallmark Holiday,” Mother’s Day initially was born from the idea that mothers who lost sons in the Civil War should band together in their sorrow and rally for peace. It finally became a national holiday with the passing of a new bill and a proclamation from President Woodrow Wilson in 1914.1    

This year marks the 100th year Anniversary of celebrating Mother’s Day.  Any proud mother would say every day is Mother’s Day, but a whole day dedicated to mom makes her feel that more special.  How are you choosing to recognize and honor your mom?

As you reminisce over childhood memories and thank her for being your biggest fan, have you ever thought of having a conversation about her future?  What are her goals, dreams, and future plans?  What are her retirement plans?  If her health fails, who is in charge of her care?  Does she have adequate insurance?  In what ways can you help?

One of the best gifts you can give your mother is taking interest in her care for the rest of her life.  She took care of you, now it’s your turn to take care of her!

At St. Croix Advisors, we are here to help!  Let us know how we can assist you in planning for retirement and the rest of your (or in this case your mother’s) life.

~Happy 100 Years of Celebrating Mother’s Day!



THE NUMBER  What is it?  What does it mean?  Is it easy to find?  Does it change? 

                                     As promised in our last blog post, we’re going to talk more in depth byFlexible Planning for an Unknown Tax Future what is meant by “the number”.  Some call it their “walk away number” while others more boldly call it their “!@%& you number”.  Whatever you want to call it is up to you, but the concept stays the same.  How much do money do you need to live comfortably for the rest of your life (a.k.a. retirement) and how do you get there? 

 Some people calculate their own “number” and others seek advice from a professional to utilize every strategy to get there (which we strongly advise).  However you do it, it involves time and effort on your part and if you’re married, your spouse’s participation to come up with a number that will be carry you and your spouse for the rest of your lives.  When you find “the number” everything else falls into place, but please note, as you work your way up to your retirement years, re-visiting “the number” is strongly advised.  With so many variables and life changing events, you might laugh at your number you thought was sufficient 10 years ago and raise eyebrows at the number you propose 20 years from now.     

 For a more in-depth look, pick up the book The Number- What Do You Need for the Rest of Your Life, and What Will it Cost by Lee Eisenberg.  In this book, you’ll find a key of answers to all the questions you should be asking yourself and your spouse about the rest of your lives.